Journey of Peace

The Peacefulness Campaign

Why would we want to listen to the sound of silence?

Because in the mute sound of the silence one finds oneself again, for a good look at that self.

The objective of practicing meditation is to understand oneself.

Therefore, listen. By listening to the sound of silence, you will see a self both true and full of spirituality.

People struggle to make a living, and many try to outgrow themselves amidst the hustles and bustles of a quick-paced society. Ever so often we get restless because of our surroundings, and, without noticing it, people grow to yearn for a peaceful and stable life atop their wish-list.

The Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society promotes the Peace Meditation to exactly help people find what they long for in daily life: stability and peace. You need only to push the ‘re-set’ button for the heart, stay in that void for nine minutes. Repeat 3 times per day. The routine enables you to hear the sound of quietness in the heart, anywhere, anytime. Gradually we learn to relax our stiff body and tight shoulders, and we learn to let go of that lingering sorrow in our heart and that recurring worry in our mind. Let us begin with our own heart in search of the innate joy and share the benefit of Peace Meditation with friends and relatives, so that everyone gets to appreciate the tranquility from practicing meditation in sitting. Our stable hearts will then consolidate all the endless love to do good in a world filled with Love and Peace.

Meditation calms down the body and the mind, and the power of peace unveils the origin of our wisdom. This simple, no-frills approach, was not only employed by the Buddha, but is often seen at prayers or spiritual practice of many other faiths. When observed carefully, it is quite remarkably noticeable that at such moments of meditation that the place is full of peace and no more hate or rage in the air. A crowd practicing meditation collectively does exactly that to change the aura of the place and turn it into somewhere filled with truth, goodness and beauty. Meditation is indeed a common fountain for the world’s religions.

Master Hsin Tao, therefore, advocates to take the practice of ‘one-minute meditation’ or ‘nine-minute meditation’ and expand it to a global movement of peace. Chan is admittedly but one of the Buddhist traditions, yet one that best suits the need to regain a peaceful mind and stay away from worries and troubles. That being the case, people can then interact in harmony and, with the help of the tranquility, pick up again the sound of nature that stayed denied to them for so long.

Are we then ready to embark on the journey of meditation practice? Let us get to know meditation together, and see how Master Hsin Tao promotes it to different parts of the world with much popularity and a strong following for personal experience with the Peace Meditation. The Master points to the tagline that ‘when the heart is at peace, the world is at peace’ and reminds us that it is by no means a mere slogan. Once everyone manages to practice meditation as an integral part of the daily life, we not only strike a balance between the body and the mind, but get to rejuvenate the heart and turn it into a vessle of love that is capable of bringing peace to the world.


The Global Peacefulness Campaign

The Global Peacefulness Campaign is an initiative for EQ management and self-awakening of the mind, promoted in recent years by the Venerable Chan Master Hsin Tao, which begins from deep within oneself to love peace and love the Earth.

Our living environment has been severely damaged and the information divide adds to the global disorder, rendering it a world where natural disasters and man-made calamities are heard often to give rise to widespread worries and concerns. We are trapped by emotions in disarray, yet unknowingly tighten the barbed wire non-stop. Consequently, we need to retrieve the peacefulness of the heart and mind to find ourselves. When the heart is in a peaceful state of mind, peace presents itself on its own.

The Ling Jiou Mountain (LJM) Buddhist Society, therefore, conducted a sizeable practice of meditation for ten thousand participants in 2003, which then grew to a ‘Country-wide Peacefulness Campaign’ in 2008, and further developed into a series of campaign events such as the ‘Heart Illumination Prayer Sessions’ in 2012. For the campaign to gain deeper traction, Master Hsin Tao introduced an easy-to-follow version of the Meditation in Silence to the ten thousand participants at the large-scale meditation. The streamlined meditation can thus be easily integrated in daily life for practice , and the 5-step method for the general public to learn and calm down the heart and mind spells out to ‘Breathe deeply. Join hands. Relax. Quiet down. Let the heart return to its original place.’ Only when the selves are quiet and peaceful, the heart of good goes to work and hold dialogue in harmony with mankind and the Earth. And from there we contribute to the Earth’s revitalization by the virtue of veganism, and we help the beautiful Mother Earth reappear by way of energy conservation, reduction of carbon dioxide emission, conservation of water, and by going green.